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  Peter J. Hynes, CFP®

  Senior Financial Advisor

  Certified Financial Planner™

  800-247-6717 x 128

  [email protected]


The purpose of this site is to help university faculty and staff better understand and take advantage of the numerous university-related retirement planning and wealth management opportunities available, all from a Certified Financial Planner’s point of view. Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions you may have.


While I work with a variety of clients as a CFP®, my particular area of expertise is in assisting university faculty and staff with their financial planning and wealth management needs, seeking to ensure that their university retirement assets are properly managed and aligned with their broader financial planning goals and priorities. I work primarily with faculty and staff at UNC, Duke, NC State and other universities across the country.

I began working as a financial advisor in 2000 with AIG VALIC.  While there I obtained my CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) designation in 2007. I moved to my current firm, Verity Asset Management, in 2009.

I enjoy getting to know my clients and helping them understand, evaluate, and prioritize their financial choices and make sure those choices are serving their “big picture” goals and values. I believe that having a plan and some accountability is indispensable in order to achieve the things we want to achieve in life.

When I’m not working, I am almost certainly doing something with my wife and 5 children (i.e. soccer games, jiu-jitsu practice, dance recitals, etc.). Yes, our life is crazy… and a lot of fun!

In my free time (not that I have much of that), I enjoy playing music (guitar, bass, mandolin, and a little fiddle), reading, trail running, mud runs, podcasting, sailing, and supporting groups that help those less fortunate by combining poverty relief and entrepreneurship.  I also serve on the board of Sentinel Primary Care.

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